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Creating a Learner Habit

The way that any mindset approach and creating a Learner habit will work for you is to purposefully practice it every day. Whenever you feel like the busyness of life derails you, the solution is simple: give yourself grace, take a deep breath, look at the Choice Map, find yourself on it, and ask yourself a Switching question.

How can you practice Learner Living habits?

Anytime you’re with yourself, you can reflect on your mindset. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I in Judger?
  • What is going on in my body?
  • Do I need to step back and take a deep breath?

This purposeful self-reflection opens the door to recognizing your current mindset and taking steps to learn to switch to a Learner mindset.

Watch my video for creating a Learner habit.

And for those of you who are visual rather than auditory learners, here’s a transcript:

Learner Habit

Once you’ve built that Learner habit with yourself and with others, then whenever you’re with yourself—which is always—and whenever you’re with others, both professional and personal, you bring that ability to be centered and present, and to be able to listen with Learner ears. That literally has the potential to impact every moment, every interaction, and every outcome. And I know that sounds kind of, “Oh gee, she must be kidding.” But I actually mean it.

It doesn’t mean this to the exclusion of other things—though you could use it exclusively. When you really take this on, you can use it fruitfully and productively, and with success and satisfaction, virtually everywhere, anytime. As long as you are honest in recognizing your Judger.

Mindset practices, especially recognizing Judger and switching to Learner, often require the grace to let yourself start over. I think we are often not open enough about when we need a restart.

Please share how you’re building your Learner habit in the comments.

Thank you for sharing!

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