Fall 2012 Workshops – Princeton, NJ, Westport, CT and Singapore

Marilee Adams

Jul 29, 2012

The Inquiry Institute’s in-person workshops may offer the very best opportunity to understand collaborative question  thinking techniques. If you’ve been introduced to question thinking or if you are looking for new techniques to solve old problems, consider attending an in-person workshop.


Inquiring Mindset™ Advantage:
Tools for Inquiry-Based Transformational Problem-Solving™
(ICF CCE approved)

Registration Fee: $495

“Mindset” refers to one’s characteristic attitudes and ways of approaching people and situations. When we operate from the Inquiring Mindset, we are curious, open-minded, and ask questions intended to discover, learn, resolve, and create. This way we empower the most successful critical, creative, and collaborative thinking; decision making; problem solving; conversation, and results. The practical Inquiring Mindset tools, methods, and practices can make a positive difference in results wherever they are applied.

The methods of Transformational Problem Solving™ help people do this predictably and successfully everywhere they are applied, both professionally and personally. Developing expertise in asking the best questions often yields a high ‘return on investment’; it empowers more successful communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and innovation. Great results really do begin with great questions.

Princeton, NJ
Date: October 25, 2012
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Inquiring Mindset™: The Foundation Course
(International Coaching Federation CCE approved)

Registration Fee: $1,495

The Inquiring Mindset (IM) Foundation Course is a transformational professional and personal experience as well as the prerequisite for the IM Train the Trainer Certificate Program. The skills and tools taught in the Foundation Course include Learner and Judger mindsets, the Choice Map, self-coaching practices, Question Thinking (QT), and Q-Storming®, a QT practice that often produces breakthroughs in possibilities and results.

Princeton, NJ
Date: October 25 & 26, 2012
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Teaching and Thriving in Difficult Times
In a time of escalating pressures and demands, many teachers are wondering, “How can I have a sense of control and even thriving—as a teacher and as a human being?” and “How can I reinforce the feeling of mission and excitement that made me want to be a teacher in the first place?” as well as “How can I stay successfully focused on what I need—as well as what my students need?”

An informal survey conducted by the Inquiry Institute revealed key attributes that teachers who considered themselves as “thriving” said were important or necessary:

A sense of choice and control in their own lives
Successful ways to get their “batteries recharged” and a sense of well-being
Personal tools and skills for keeping a positive perspective while managing the inevitable stresses and pressures of teaching and life

September 14 and 15, 2012
Westport CT

Click here for more on the survey results, information about the workshop and registration.

Inquiry Institute Goes International:
Inquiring Mindset Advantage Workshop in Singapore
In collaboration with Dialogos and Leading from Within our Inquiring Mindset Advantage Workshop will be offered in Singapore for the first time on October 19, 2012, led by Choon Seng Ng and Jayan Warrier. To register or for more information, email Choon Seng Ng at choonseng@dialogos.com.sg You may also contact Kim Aubry, Executive Director of the Inquiry Institute, at Kim@InquiryInstitute.com.

Written by:

Marilee Adams

Jul 29, 2012