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Curiosity is a Trending Skill

Adding curiosity to your repertoire of skills has been deemed an essential skill to learn right now. According to this recently published LinkedIn article, The Trending Skill You Didn’t Know You Need, its time to think about curiosity in a different way.

At Inquiry Institute we teach and build curiosity skills in every facet of our programs because we know it is the key to success and the Inquiring mindset.

The pandemic has shown us that we need curiosity more than ever. Many of us are understandably mourning what has been lost, tragically including friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Those feelings and grief are real and to be honored. We are also reluctantly recognizing that the world we took for granted was built on assumptions and answers we can no longer rely upon. I certainly doubt that the world of work will ever be the same again. Only curiosity and new questions can focus us on reimagining our futures, personally, professionally, and collectively. May we heed the potential of its life-affirming lessons.

Cultivating curiosity is the remedy that rescues us from that negative downward spiral and elevates us to a positive upward spiral. Curiosity fuels our ability to switch from Judger to Learner and literally build our capacity and skills for Learner Living. And most importantly, curiosity is also the fuel we need for looking forward and reimagining the future.

If you want to explore building curiosity and re-imagining our futures, in terms of play, work, business, family and relationships, join us for free conversations on two Mondays, June 8 and 22, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. ET. To sign up, click on this link. Please note that you must register at this link to receive follow up emails with information and details to join the calls.

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