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Early Bird Savings for March 2014 POWER THINQING Workshops

Early bird savings available for March 2014 POWER THINQING™ workshops when you register before January 31st – but save biggest when you register before the end of 2013!

Led by Marilee Adams, Ph.D., bestselling author of Teaching That Changes Lives and Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

Based on brain-based knowledge about the importance of questions in thinking and communication, POWER THINQING™ helps you choose the mindset to ask the best questions of yourself and others.  That’s what makes it powerful and that’s why we spell it “THINQING!”

POWER THINQING™ provides simple, proven, easy-to-apply tools and strategies to close the gap between what you know needs to happen and HOW to make it happen – delivering a game changer advantage, both professionally and personally. Great results really do begin with great questions!

Choose the one-day, two-day, or three-day option, depending on your needs.


Click Here for more information. And please contact us if you would like to discuss which option is best for you.

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