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Make A Difference with Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

We invite you to make a difference for yourself, others and those who have ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) by participating in our Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Campaign today

Help win the fight against ALS - 100% of profits from the purchase of CYQ today goes to ALS
The book makes a difference in your life and the life of others
"The methodology outlined in Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is the most powerful catalyst for profound change I've ever encountered. It has had a profoundly positive effect on my life, my work, and has had a positive effect on everyone I've introduced to it. I've given away a dozen copies and will continue to share it people I meet." - Brent Scott

"Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is one of my favorite books. I give it to all my clients. Few books, make such a difference." - Zara Larson, Ph.D., Consultant and Talk show Host

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The 2nd Edition of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life includes enriched and expanded content

Including three new chapters and three additional Question Thinking tools.

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Yes! I would like to join the CYQ team and will purchase a copy of the 2nd edition of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work on October 19th (and/or) ask at least one person to buy the book that day!