Inquiry Institute; Great results begin with great questions.


Inquiring Leader Questions

  1. What can I/we learn from this mistake or failure?
  2. Am I listening with an open mind, especially to dissenting opinions or information I don’t like or agree with?
  3. How can I best empower others in developing their leadership skills so we keep our leadership pipeline robust?
  4. How will this decision affect us in the short term and in the long term and what might be unintended consequences both negative and positive?
  5. Am I (are we) behaving consistent with our values?
  6. What inquiry practices can we embed in the everyday culture of our team and organization?
  7. How can I/we guard against the tendency to assume I’m right and against looking for quick fix answers?
  8. What assumptions am I (are we) making regarding this situation, decision, or policy?
  9. Am I listening, speaking and behaving with respect, regardless of whom I am speaking with?
  10. How can I guard against the expectation that leaders should have all the answers?

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