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Masterful Living means being committed to a lifelong journey of learning and development, of building on strengths as well as learning from mistakes with dignity and even humor. Masterful Living does not depend on the circumstances; it depends on who one chooses to be regardless of the circumstances. In our relationships with ourselves and others, being masterful does not imply that perfect is possible. In pursuit of our dreams and goals, it means balancing courage, determination, and grit with acceptance and learning.

Grounded in the theory, practice, skills, and tools integrated into the Choice Map (the Learner/Judger mindset model, Learner questioning, and Question Thinking), coaching for Masterful Living can be the difference that makes the difference for success and satisfaction in executive, business, or life coaching.

Whether you are an experienced or new coach, here are some ways to learn more . . .

  1. Webinars
    • Change Your Questions, Change Your Result (ILCT):
    • Q-Storming Basics
    • Becoming a Masterful Question Asker
    • Finding Love In All the Right Places
  2. Chief Question Officer Certificate Program and In-person Workshops
  3. Individual Coaching with Marilee Adams


In Partnership with Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT)

Change Your Questions, Change Your Results: How Mindsets and Questioning Empower Successful Coaching

Led by: Marilee Adams, Ph.D.

The primary skill of coaches is asking questions that facilitate learning, reflection, thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, conflict resolution, collaboration, and results. Coaches’ questioning skills are empowered by cultivating their own Inquiring mindsets and asking themselves the most productive and generative questions (Question Thinking).

This 10-hour interactive webinar provides practical new thinking and skill-building around questioning and mindset management. It is presented through models,  stories and examples, exercises, journaling, learning partners, reading and practice assignments. The Question Thinking material is foundational for any coaching application (life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching).


Change Your Questions, Change Your Results Webinar Series (6 sessions)
Dates and Times: Fridays (April 28May 5May 12May 26June 2June 9) – 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
(Times are always Eastern; all sessions are recorded and available 24/7)

To Register: or CLICK HERE
For whom: Coaches – life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, any coaching application
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Q-Storming Basics Webinar

Led by: Marilee Adams, Ph.D.

Q-Storming® is a collaborative thinking and creativity process, akin to brainstorming, that stimulates the discovery of new questions, new possibilities, and new solutions. It can produce breakthrough results in contexts such as coaching, management, leadership and sales as well as with teams, groups and projects.  Q-Storming® is often more powerful than brainstorming because great results begin with great questions.

By participating in this webinar series you will experience the power, potential, and advantages that Q-Storming provides. You will also learn how Q-Storming® contributes to breakthrough results in areas such as:

  • more collaborative and productive meetings
  • high performing teams
  • creativity and innovation
  • more successful individual conversations, say for coaching and sales
  • more predictable, positive results personally and professionally


For more information or to register

Dates:  Tuesdays –  January 10, 17, 31 and Feb. 7 (4 sessions)

Times: 8 pm – 9:30 pm ET

Tuition: $295


Looking for Love In All The Right Places: An Introductory Webinar

Led by: Marilee Adams, Ph.D.

Use the Choice Map as a guide to have more meaningful, successful relationships and communication with spouses, partners, children, families, and friends. You’ll learn to identify when Judger mindset is about to get in the way and about the costs of judgmental thinking, behaving, and speaking in personal relationships.

People often dread, rather than look forward to, family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We aim to provide some practical strategies so you can be more comfortable and able to enjoy these events. One of our students recently told us a success story about a conversation with her husband and commented that “Switching questions are like magic for marriages.”  The same principles apply to Learner communications at work with colleagues and co-workers as well as to difficult conversations of all kinds.

For spring dates and times, contact Kim Aubry


Tuition: $145


The Chief Question Officer® Program and Workshops

The Chief Question Officer® (CQO) Certificate Program empowers change agents in applying the Question Thinking™ (QT) Method of Tools and Practices in masterful, innovative, and engaging ways for organizational and business results. Change agents include leaders, managers, coaches, educators, mediators and HR and learning professionals as well as those with responsibilities for operational excellence and quality.

More information on CQO and Workshops


Individual Coaching with Dr. Marilee Adams

Let us know if you’d like to have a 20-minute free conversation with Marilee about the possibility of individual coaching.  Email us at