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Choice Map

Learner/Judger™ mindset distinctions allow people to shift from blame-focused questions that impede success to solution-focused questions that facilitate it. Whether we ask Learner or Judger questions frames our thinking, listening, behaving, and relating. This is why we focus on our mindset first. The goal is to build a more resilient Learner Mindset.

Judger questions are reactive and automatic, leading to defensiveness, win-lose relating, and a view of limited possibilities. Learner questions are flexible and adaptive, leading to questioning assumptions, win-win relating, and a view of plentiful possibilities.

Yet, Dr. Marilee Adams deeply appreciates Judger. Surprised? Watch this video to learn why.


Mindsets are dynamic – which means that with intention and practice we can get better and better at choosing our mindset moment-by-moment. Watch this video to learn about the power of the Switching Lane.



Join us at our March, 2014 workshop to learn more about the Choice Map™ and other QUESTION THINKING™ tools.