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Coaching and Coach Skill Training

You are welcome to engage in a free consultation with Marilee to explore any of the offerings described below. You can contact Inquiry Institute to schedule this conversation by emailing or call 800-250-7823.


Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is a partnership for development, moving beyond limitations, and creating exponential results in one’s career and professional life. The coaching client develops perspectives, competencies, and strategic action plans for working toward and succeeding with accomplishing their goals. Marilee coaches CEO’s, leaders, managers, teams, and coaches. Her Question Thinking work and Learner/Judger distinctions are incorporated into the Leadership Alchemy program at NASA Goddard and in the Internal Coach Certification Program at Lockheed Martin.

Life and Relationship Coaching
Marilee also coaches individuals committed to living more fulfilling lives and more rewarding relationships. This life and relationship coaching stands on the shoulders of her previous career as an individual and family therapist. In those years she wrote her first book, The Art of the Question, which highlighted the powerful applications of the Learner/Judger material.

Coaching Intensives
A Coaching Intensive is time-limited experience (generally one to three days) that helps people create breakthroughs based on discovering hidden operating questions that have been impeding their progress. Once these “troublemaker” questions are revealed, we work together to transform them into questions and strategies to “alter one’s programming” and smooth the path to desired results. This process may be part of an executive coaching engagement, part of a personal development plan, or a “stand alone” experience for those referred by other coaches.

Coach Training, Supervision, and Mentoring

Coaches are already fine question askers. Training, supervising, and mentoring coaches gives Marilee an opportunity to empower coaches with the additional skills and methods of Question Thinking and the Learner/Judger mindset distinctions. Some coaching training schools either recommend or require their students to read her book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life. The Question Thinking work is complementary with any school of coach training and supports further development in Competency 6, Powerful Questions, of ICF. Training, supervision, and small group coaching is available. Email