Q-Storming Workshop

Q-Storming® Workshop

Brainstorming is generally a process of collaborating to find new answers.

Q-Storming® is a recognition that the best way to find innovative answers is to ask the right questions.

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How do you get to
Thinking Outside the Box?

Would you like a predictable way to get to new breakthrough thinking? 

Do you want to learn how to implement collaborative and creative thinking in your team that catalyzes the discovery of new questions, possibilities, and solutions? 

Then the Q-Storming® Workshop is for you and your organization or team. You will learn the foundation of the Q-Storming® process, which goes beyond traditional brainstorming to collaborating to discover new questions that can help you create new possibilities and solutions.

Q-Storming® Workshop

Your Q-Storming® Workshop Journey

What Is Q-Storming®?

You will learn about the Q-Storming® process by first participating and experiencing a full Q-Storming® session led by a master facilitator. You will experience all three vital phases of a successful Q-Storm which will then be covered more in-depth in the following sessions. 


Phase 1: Setting the Foundation

The success of your Q-Storm hinges on having the best possible goal and going through the protocol for unconcealing assumptions and facts.  Many times the gold you are looking for comes in an effective Phase 1 and certainly the quality and quantity of the questions in Phase 2 is built on a great Phase 1.  The exercises, practices and assignments in this session develop those skills so you can build a solid foundation.


Phase 2: Storming for Questions

Session 3 teaches you the key process of facilitating Phase 2, storming for questions to think with, Question Thinking™ questions.  Learning how to facilitate getting to those breakthrough thinking questions and who you have to be for your success is key.  Exercises and assignments build these muscles both for facilitating and developing your questioning and curiosity skills.


Phase 3: Analyze and Act

You’ll learn the various ways to capture the questions and assumptions and analyze, sort and act on what has been discovered. You will have opportunities to practice this protocol and get many questions answered on facilitating a basic effective team Q-Storm. 



In this four-part workshop, you will learn to:

  • Distinguish the steps of the protocol so you can create an effective Q-Storming® session.

  • Distinguish the facts and assumptions of a situation calling for a new solution.

  • Storm for questions that can create a breakthrough.

  • Analyze the best questions and create an action plan.

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What people say about Q-Storming®

Kevin Q.
I use Q-Storming® myself and have taught it to many others. They say it's a refreshing new approach, they get more ideas, and more innovative ideas than they normally do. It helps their teams feel more creative, collaborative and hopeful about tackling future problems.
Jim W.
Q-Storming® and Q-Work™ techniques have saved my organization (5,000+ individuals) time and money, given us better solutions (e.g., systems), reduced risk, and improved employee engagement.
Lisa D.
My clients are finding exceptional value in using the Choice Map and Q-storming® to inspire proactive thinking during this crazy time. It helps them see "choice" and "options" in a time when it is easy to retract or make fear-based decisions.

Q-Storming® Workshop

When and Where: 

The Q-Storming® Workshop is delivered both in a live, virtual workshop and on-site or virtually to your organization. Dates for the Fall workshop will be released soon. Contact us if you are interested in a customized session for your team.

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About the Question Thinking™ Approach

Marilee Speaking

Developed by Marilee Adams, Ph.D., and featured in her bestselling book Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life, the Question Thinking™ Approach is a set of tools for reliably and predictable producing better and more satisfying results in all domains of life.

Built on Marilee’s foundational theory of Question Thinking™, the Question Thinking™ Approach teaches us how to cultivate awareness of the questions we ask and the mindsets we are in, so we can change our questions and produce new and better results.

The Question Thinking™ Approach has helped thousands of leaders, managers, coaches, change management and HR experts, and consultants to improve their engagement scores, to increase project efficiency, to have more effective meetings and conversations, and to improve morale and communication.

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