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7 Days to Learner Living

A Learner Mindset is not just a course you do. It's a way of being and, through practice, will make a wonderful difference to you for the rest of your life.

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The Seven Days to Learner Living Course helps you to embody the daily habits of Learner Living.

In this course, you will receive: 

  • A PDF download of The Seven Days to Learner Living Guide.

  • A copy of The Choice Map.

  • A daily video for each day of the week, each with a PDF transcript.

Through this combination of resources and daily practice, you will use the Choice Map and the exercises to build and embody the Learner habit. Gradually, you will feel a positive change in your outlook on life and in your relationships.

Because a move to embody the daily habits of a Learner Mindset is a personal evolution, we give you lifetime access to these resources, so you can build your Learner muscle by repeating the exercises across the entire process as often as you like.

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Break Old Habits.
Change Your Life.

Move from Judger to Learner in Everything You Do. 

Every thought you have is an answer to a preceding question you may not even be aware of. Question Thinking is a profound theory of mind that allows you to begin to access the ability to change, moment-by-moment, in any given circumstance, by shining a light on your driving motivations and by asking the right questions

Gain Confidence

Problems are more manageable because you become inspired by your own curiosity and increasing decisiveness.


Interactions with others become more productive and aligned with who you truly are.

From Judger to Learner

Switching from a Judger to a Learner Mindset becomes natural as you embody the habits that lead to better outcomes. 

At Ease With Yourself

Stress is reduced and peace can be found as the choices you make bring your life in tune with what fulfilment means for you. 

A Step Every Day to a Better Future

The Seven Days to Learner Living program is built around a thoughtfully paced set of daily practices that will help you to learn how to gradually and naturally replace bad habits with more beneficial good habits. 


Mindset Monday

The purpose of today’s practice is to begin developing awareness of your mindsets.

Awareness is the fundamental first step to Learner Living. It enables you to observe yourself as a non-judgmental witness at any moment. This non-judgmental self-awareness is the basis for being at choice.

Don’t worry about whether you’re aware of your mindset in the moment or whether you realize it after the fact. The goal today is simply to learn to notice your Learner and Judger mindsets. Eventually you’ll be able to do this in real time, and even most of the time.

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Tune-In Tuesday 

Our bodies provide invaluable information about what we are thinking and feeling, so it is useful to notice and listen.

Sometimes the best clue about which mindset we are in comes from our bodies rather than from only our thinking. The purpose of today’s practice is to help you tune into how your body feels in both Learner mindset and Judger mindset, so you can use the information to help you identify which mindset you are in and choose to switch if it serves you.



Wisdom Wednesday 

The purpose of today’s practice is to lay the groundwork for transforming your relationship with the critical self-Judger you may experience within yourself. This will become the basis for developing an accepting, even potentially friendly, relationship with your Judger.

Self-Judger is the  part of your inner dialogue that compares you unfavorably to others or to your expectations of yourself and may even call you mean names. Self-Judger is completely normal and everyone has one. Fortunately, what our self-Judger tells us is often not true! Today your job will be simply to notice the things your self-Judger says and how that makes you feel.



“Those People” Thursday 

The purpose of today’s practice is to increase your awareness of your Judger thoughts about other people. “Those people” are the ones whose attitudes and/or behaviors trigger YOUR Judger. The power of today’s practice is in learning about your own Judger not about anyone you are in judgment of. The goal is to observe and understand yourself, not to blame or find fault with yourself or others.

Think about who some of “those people” might be for you. For example, when you’re driving, is it the “idiot” who cuts you off without warning? Is it your spouse or teenager who didn’t do something s/he promised to do? Maybe it’s your boss who failed to mention a report s/he needed from you this morning. “Those people” could be anybody.

Whoever “those people” are for you, today you get to notice how they trigger YOUR Judger.


Future Friday

Inevitably, there will be people and situations that trigger your Judger, maybe many times a day.

The purpose of today’s practice is to anticipate one of those times and fortify your Learner Living habit so you’re able to have a Learner interaction rather than a Judger one. Learning Living is about choosing to let go of Judger and switch to Learner. Today you will have a chance to plan for and practice switching for a better outcome.



Switching Saturday 

Remember, a Switching question is one you ask yourself when you notice you’re in Judger or about to jump in the Judger pit with both feet.

You started to apply Switching strategies yesterday when you looked at a person or situation that has triggered you in the past and planned ways to relate to them from Learner instead. Today’s practice is about finding a Switching question that can stop you when you’re heading for the Judger Pit (what we call a “Judger hijack”). We call a Switching question a rescue question or an SOS question (Stop-Observe-Switch).


Success Sunday

Now we take time to reflect and to appreciative your courage and commitment in taking this journey with me.

The purpose of Seven Days to Learner Living is to support you in building the foundation of a Learner habit that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life—both at home and at work. The purpose of Success Sunday is to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate your accomplishment of completing these seven days of practices.



What’s Next?

Reinforcing your Learner Habit

Now that you have completed Seven Days to Learner Living, you have begun to develop your awareness of the thoughts, questions, and feelings that indicate you are in or headed to Judger mindset. 

The ultimate goal of Learner Living is to be able to notice as soon as you are in Judger so you can respond rather than react. While Judger will never go away, you do have the choice whether to think, question, speak, or act from it—and you certainly have the choice to switch to Learner!


David Boyce Human Performance Coach
"I have been discovering things that I had not noticed or even considered prior to these exercises. The real eye opener for me has been the added dimension that Judger and Learner are not only towards others but ourselves. Additionally, the exercises and questions so far has proven to be really helpful in understanding and responding more appropriately in both my work and home settings."
Tiza Pyle PhD. Pyle Consulting Group, Inc.
"This program allows you to become aware! I so remember the exercise on the questions! It is so easy to go Judger, specially to myself. Good opportunity to return to the healthy practice of being in a Learner mindset. ….. Such an important lesson, seeing/hearing others in Learner is a gift! It is so important in creating positive relationships."

7 Days Learner Living Course

The Seven Days to Learner Living course will help you to create the daily habits of Learner Living. We will provide you with:

  • PDF download of The Seven Days to Learner Living Guide

  • This PDF includes your own copy of The Choice Map

  • A daily video for each day of the week

  • PDF transcript, where you will use the Choice Map and the exercises provided to practice, build the Learner habit, and to be accountable to change your outlook on life and your relationships in positive ways


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