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Why am I supporting the defeat of ALS?

There are some special reasons why I’m donating profits from the Change Your Questions, Change Your Life (2nd edition) Bestseller Campaign on October 19th (Tuesday) to helping defeat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and specifically to the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ALS.

First, there’s my friend of Ellyn Phillips, whom I met in 1972. We worked together, lived next door to each other, and I was a happy guest at her wedding to Alan Phillips.  She became very active in the Philadelphia Chapter of ALS when Alan got this terrible disease a few years after their marriage. He died when their daughter, Amy, was just 3 years old. I watched the enfolding of that awful disease and the impact on Alan and everyone close to him. Ellyn and Alan were both avid baseball and Phillies fans, and some of their first dates were attending Phillies games. Now ALS is the official charity of the Phillies. Ellyn has been the President of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter for 25 years and is continuing to do a tireless and spectacular job.

Then, I lost another good friend to ALS just last year, Nick Gimbel, a superstar Philadelphia lawyer and an even more outstanding and wonderful human being.

Also, as it turns out, there’s a direct link between Change Your Questions, Change Your Life and ALS. Detta Penna, copy editor and book designer extraordinaire, designed the inside of both editions of Change Your Questions—so we’ve known and worked together for over 7 years. I only recently found out that her husband, Peter, has PLS, which is the precursor of ALS. Detta helped found a Caregivers Support Group near Vancouver where she and Peter live. She told me that she had used some of the ideas in my book to help her deal with the daunting challenges of being a caregiver. We came up with idea of creating a free teleconference entitled Caring for Caregivers, which we dearly hope will make a difference. You can learn about how to get this Teleconference here?

I also discovered that Kim Aubry, Executive Director of the Inquiry Institute, has been touched by ALS. In her younger life she was an outstanding tennis player, and Steve Carpenter, her first tennis coach, instructor, and doubles partner recently succumbed to ALS.

It is my honor to support Ellyn and the vitally important work that she and her colleagues and all their volunteers provide. You can learn more about them at their website.

I am very grateful for your support of ALS and the Change Your Questions Bestseller Campaign.

With appreciation,