Get Trained in the Art Of Question Thinking

The Inquiry Institute Online Training Workshops are designed to bring you through every step of the journey to mastering Question Thinking™  for yourself and your organization.

Q-Work™ Foundation Workshop

Discover How Questions Can Transform Your Life

If you want to become more resilient and get better results in your life, the answer starts with the questions you are asking yourself and of others. The Q-Work™Foundation Workshop helps you to understand what questions you are asking, and the results you are getting as a result. You will finish with the Choice Map™and the Q-Prep™conversation planner to help you identify, evaluate, and improve every area of your life.

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Q-Work™ Practice & Application Workshop

Learn To Ask Questions That Get The Results You Want

Once you learn the power of questions and the impact they are having on your life, you need to practice the art of asking better questions. The Q-Work™Practice Workshop brings you into the two question mindsets - Learner and Judger - to understand more how they show up in your life and your organizations. When you finish this workshop, you will have the tools, the practice, and the ability to use questions to think, behave, and communicate to get the results you want in your life.

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Chief Question Officer® Certificate Program

Master Question Thinking™  to Grow Your Impact

If you want to master your ability to Influence and impact the behavior of other people in your life, your journey begins with your own relationship with questions. Whether you are a leader, coach, or consultant that wants to internalize, embody, and bring the Q-Work™ Approach to your organization. The Chief Question Officer® Certificate Program is a transformational learning journey over 6 months that helps you become masterful at asking better questions of yourself and others.

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What People Say About The Inquiry Institute

Carmella Granado Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Flextronics
We’ve used Question Thinking so successfully in our work with teams that it has led to a radical transformation in how people approach and resolve problems. It also made an immediate and sustained change in their behavior. In an organizational culture, the more people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line.
Charles J. Maloney, Jr Retired Managing Execuive Director, Learning and Development
We asked the Inquiry Institute to transform the culture of one of our executive teams. The change in the group dynamics was so striking that others in the company, including the CEO, remarked on the change. Meetings became productive, the work environment more collegial, and results improved. People saw real behavioral change at the leadership level. The return on our investment was immediate.
Laura Mendelow Learning & Development Specialist
One of the most valuable contributions I’ve made to the leaders in my organization is to help them recognize the difference and impact between directing and inquiring. Leaders report positive results, including that their employees are more committed, are offering more suggestions, and are ‘driving their own careers.” These leaders also report a stronger connection with their staff overall