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Every coach knows that the questions we ask clients largely determine coaching success. We intuitively understand that “a question not asked is a door not opened.”1 But how confident, comfortable and skillful are we at coming up with those seemingly magical questions? How intuitive are we at predictably generating questions that cause clients to stop …

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The Spirit and Discipline of Organizational Inquiry

  The Spirit and Discipline of Organizational Inquiry Asking Questions for Organizational Breakthrough and Transformation Marilee C. Goldberg Adams, Ph.D Originally Written in 1998 When leaders, managers, and organizations recognize the true power of inquiry and take advantage of question-centered methodologies, they set a dynamic course for organizational excellence and competitive advantage. However, many are not fully …

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“The Chief Question Officer® Advantage” in Brain Capital

The most talented leaders and managers are successful not because they have quick answers but because they ask constructive questions of themselves and others, thereby creating inquiring cultures. Effective questioning can be the difference that makes the difference for building a positive, innovative, and productive corporate culture. Getting the “right” answers means starting with the …

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Our Prayers for World Peace

During the holiday season, our hearts are more open to each other and to our hopes and prayers for the world around us—and the world we bequeath to our children. Our consciousness is heightened to both the powerful resilience and fragility of that world. With this in mind, I’d like to share two quotes that …

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The 5 Best Books for Business

Sometimes cool surprises land in my inbox! Recently I was pleased to receive a blog from business mentor Laura Gordon in the UK entitled “The 5 Best Books for Business to turn yourself from a good leader into a great leader”. She wrote “. . . if there is one book which encapsulates the theories of modern …

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Skillful Question Asking: The Engine of Successful Coaching*

Coaching is a powerful vehicle for optimizing performance, personal mastery, and results.  Because coaching has proven to be so effective, many major corporations invest in internal coaching and mentoring programs, usually for executives, leaders, and managers.  The practices of independent coaches also are flourishing, empowering clients both professionally and personally. In both arenas, skillful question …

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Let Us Inquire Together

I wrote “Let Us Inquire Together” over 20 years ago; it’s at the end of my first book, The Art of the Question. Looking at that writing today, I find it just as relevant as ever, maybe even more so. I passionately believe that when we genuinely inquire together, we invoke the best in us—the best …

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