Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

Whether you are a leader, a coach, consultant, or educator, great results begin with great questions.


Great Results Begin With Great Questions

About Us

Our mission is to create a world of curiosity, inquiry, and possibility for individuals and organizations.


We help organizations and individuals using our proprietary methodology through workshops, training, coaching, and speaking.

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Business & Organizations

Develop Leaders Who Ask Powerful Questions

Leaders fail because they think they are expected to have all the answers. Leaders succeed when they ask better questions of themselves and others that empower the best thinking, listening, communication, creativity, and collaboration —for individuals, teams, cultures, and projects – with results that increase productivity, innovation, and problem-solving that impact the bottom line.


The Answers Your Clients Need Are Better Questions

As a consultant, you are hired to provide solutions for your clients based on your expertise. Frustration can occur when there is a mismatch of expectations and solutions because you haven’t asked the best questions or discovered information and insights needed to partner with your client to help implement the best and most creative and sustainable solutions for them.


Asking Better Questions Starts From Within

As a coach, you’re concerned about asking the right questions and empowering your clients to reach their goals. But the reality is that asking insightful questions is hard work. You need the right tools and practices based on Question Thinking™ to help you and your clients discover the best answers to get the results you want.


True Learning Begins With Great Questions

As an educator, your role is to support and encourage students in reinforcing and growing an active Inquiring Mindset. The Question Thinking™ methodology introduces inquiry, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration to help students become inspired and equipped to be life-long learners.

What People Say About Working With Inquiry Institute

Carmella Granado

Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Flextronics

Nick Andrews

Senior Director, Expedia and Chief Question Officer

Laura Mendelow

Learning & Development Specialist

"We’ve used Question Thinking so successfully in our work with teams that it has led to a radical transformation in how people approach and resolve problems. It also made an immediate and sustained change in their behavior. In an organizational culture, the more people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line."

"Question Thinking and Q-Work has transformed my life - The relationship with my wife, my family as well how I lead and influence teams. The impact of that is that my teams positively influence their families also with a Learner mindset and so piece by piece we are building a more positive, Learner world. It has also enabled me to build stronger trust with my teams which, as we know, is a key foundation for organization success."

"One of the most valuable contributions I’ve made to the leaders in my organization is to help them recognize the difference and impact between directing and inquiring. Leaders report positive results, including that their employees are more committed, are offering more suggestions, and are ‘driving their own careers.” These leaders also report a stronger connection with their staff overall"

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2023 Inquiry Institute

2023 Inquiry Institute