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Blessings during challenging times

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It is hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving already. Time is going by differently in 2020 as you all know and have experienced. Before I go counting our blessings at Thanksgiving, I’d like to circle back to our amazing blessings we had in October and November. The last couple months have been unusually busy …

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Mindsets & Questioning

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Every coach knows that the questions we ask clients largely determine coaching success. We intuitively understand that “a question not asked is a door not opened.”1 But how confident, comfortable and skillful are we at coming up with those seemingly magical questions? How intuitive are we at predictably generating questions that cause clients to stop …

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Answering the Question “How Can I Help?”: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Click here to listen to our teleconference entitled Caring for Caregivers of ALS Patients and Their Families.   Today’s blog is accompanied by a YouTube video of Kim Aubry (Executive Director of the Inquiry Institute) and me taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. There are many reasons why we decided to do this, all of which …

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The 8 Costs of Being Self-Critical


I came up with the distinctions of Learner/Judger mindsets and Learner/Judger questions over 25 years ago and first wrote extensively about them in The Art of the Question, which was published in 1998. Over the years I’ve discovered how deep these distinctions go, how transformative and healing they can be, and how much of a …

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The Inquiring Consultant Series

Marilee Adams, Ph.D. People typically call on consultants (internal or external) when they have problems and want help fixing them. Sometimes they’ve already decided what the right solution is and just want validation or else they want help implementing the idea they already think is right. Often, however, the way they’re framing the problem actually …

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Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) is Ohio’s oldest and largest public community college, and has provided high-quality and affordable education and training to over 800,000 residents and employees of the community in over 140 degree and certificate programs. Located in Northeast Ohio, the College has five campuses, two Corporate College sites, and other facilities throughout Cuyahoga …

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The Inquiring Consultant Series


Recently I’ve been having some fascinating conversations with colleagues who’ve participated in the Inquiry Institute’s Chief Question Officer (CQO) Certificate Program. We’ve been discussing their experiences bringing Question Thinking approaches to the organizations with which they work, either as internal or external consultants or as coaches. I’ll be sharing many of these conversations with you …

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