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Reflections on Our Connecting and Compassionate Conversations

May 05, 20202 min read

It all started with a few simple questions.

First, we asked ourselves, “In the age of this pandemic, what can we do to serve our global Learner community?” “What are people feeling, wanting, and needing right now?” and “How can Q-Work, the Choice Map, and understanding about Learner and Judger mindsets help?” Then finally we asked, “What could we provide that would be calming as well as practical and that could make a positive difference for people?”

The series of Monday night Connecting and Compassionate Conversations was our answer. We wanted to provide free, accessible-to-all conversations that would be calming, provide sincere connection, and leave people with some ideas that would make a difference for them, their families, friends and colleagues afterwards.

We started it with a series of four, each focused on a unique topic, all providing a space where people could truly express themselves and be heard (thank goodness for Zoom breakout rooms!), and a practical, participatory exercise (Q-Storming®) where, together, we would come up with new questions that anyone could use to make a positive difference going forward. Those four topics were Self-Care, Compassion and Self-Compassion, Leadership, and Creativity and Innovation.

By all reports, these conversations have been a resounding success. Some of the comments have been positive like this one… “I have been asking different questions about my self-care since the first week’s call and now have been exercising regularly and feel so much better and this is just the beginning!” We were so focused on our community that at first, we hadn’t realized how rewarding and satisfying those experiences would be for us too. It’s even exciting to find out who’s joining us each time. I’ve gotten goosebumps at the beginning of a Monday night conversation when we can tell that people from Thailand, New Zealand, Albania, Canada and other countries are in our Zoom meeting room along with people from a slew of U.S. States.

Now we’re excited to announce that we’re launching another series starting June 1 and going through the summer.

In the spirit of inquiry,


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Marilee Adams

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