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November 11, 20201 min read

Bruce Springsteen Interview Responds That New and Better Questions Lead to Deeper Joys of Human Experience


In a recent interview about Bruce Springsteen’s 2019 documentary, Western Stars, the interviewer keyed in on comments Bruce made about something dear to us at the Inquiry Institute —questions! She resonated with Bruce saying “. . . keep asking questions for self-growth, go deeper and better in your pursuit of those better questions.”

This is how he responded (slightly edited) to her questions about that in the interview:

“I think that answers are hard to come by, but questions keep coming up. If you’re leading an examined life, as I’ve tried to lead, what comes up constantly is new and better questions that lead you deeper into the joys of a human experience. Really, there’s no answer at the end of the day, there’s no great answers in life. I always believe there’s just better questions. You ask yourself those questions and they can bring you closer to the people you love and about things you care about, maybe it’s your town or your country and other things that move you and motivate you. It’s this constant questioning of life that’s really the key of an active and fulfilled life.”

How perfectly eloquent! You can watch the entire interview here (and his response above is around the 4:40 mark).

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