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Holiday Gift Idea – Teaching That Changes Lives!

Teaching that Changes Lives: 12 Mindset Tools to Ignite the Love of Learning, by Marilee Adams, Ph.D., provides a clear roadmap for teachers during challenging and demanding times.  It demonstrates the power of the Learner Mindset and Inquiring Cultures in schools to support teachers in maintaining the joy in teaching and creating curious, creative, critical-thinking, and collaborative classrooms.

  • Send a signed copy of Teaching that Changes Lives to a special teacher in your life
  • They’ll also get three hard stock, colorful Choice Maps (6” x 9”)
  • The cost of $18.95 covers the signed book, 3 Choice Maps, and FREE postage/handling

For information email Kim@InquiryInstitute.com. The book incorporates the 12 practical tools of the Learner Mindset System including Learning from Mistakes, Cultivating Curiosity, the Five Questions, and Collaborating with Professional Learning Communities.  Readers will also be able to access Inquiry Institute’s Learner Mindset Online Tool, which contains a video, color download of the Choice Map, interviews, and informational PDFs.   Click here to read more about the book.

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