QUESTION THINKING™ is the Inquiring Mindset in action. The term “Inquiring Mindset” represents the habit, curiosity, and courage of asking open-minded questions of oneself and others. An active Inquiring Mindset is fundamental for success with each of the “4 C’s:” critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

1.  A primary purpose of education is to support and encourage students in reinforcing and growing an active Inquiring Mindset – regardless of age,  grade, or subject studied – and regardless of whether teaching and learning take place at school, at work, or in life.

2.  A primary skill of effective teachers and educational leaders is their ability to operate consistently from an active, resilient Inquiring Mindset.

3.  When classrooms, schools, and communities operate with collaborative cultures of inquiry, they are primed to be more successful in fulfilling educational goals within thebroadest visions of the purposes of education.

We offer consulting, coaching, keynotes, conferences, in-house workshops and public workshops for K-12 and higher-education educators and educational leaders.

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2022 Inquiry Institute

2022 Inquiry Institute