The QUESTION THINKING™ tools in orange are tools to develop your resilient Learner Mindset.

The QUESTION THINKING™ tools in green are tools to develop your Question Thinking skills.

The QUESTION THINKING™ tools empower you to develop your Inquiring Mindset AND put it in action. The tools can be used to increase effectiveness and success in areas such as developing a resilient Learner Mindset, collaborating successfully, and generating more intentional and useful questions to produce the best results.

Learner Mindset Tools : The Choice Map™, Switching Questions, ABCD Process, and The Five Questions.

Setting Up For Strategic Success: Top Twelve Questions for Success, Mindset Practice Protocol, and Q-Storming®.

Communicating Effectively: Guidelines for Asking Questions Effectively, Alternative Ways of Asking “Why”, Win-Win Requests.

Effective Meetings & Conversations: Q-Prep™, Question Map for Meetings and Conversations™, Q-Project Process™, and Q-Review.

2022 Inquiry Institute

2022 Inquiry Institute