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Teaching that Changes Lives

Discover additional ways the Learner Mindset skills can help you.

There are three parts to the information. Please bookmark this page so you can easily return to it:

1. The Choice Map

  • Watch a short video of the author demonstrating the core principles of the Choice Map.
    Click here.
  • Download a full-color version of the Choice Map for your personal/individual use. You can pin it up at school or at home as a reminder that you can choose between Learner and Judger mindsets. Click here to open the Choice Map pdf. Please contact Kim Aubry at Kim@InquiryInstitute.com for options for using the Choice Map more broadly within your school or organization.
  • Suggestions for using and sharing the Choice Map with others. Click here to open the pdf.



Listen to interviews with teachers and educational leaders describing how they have employed this mindset material in many ways, including in the classroom and with professional learning communities. Click on an arrow to hear an interview. Or, click the link to download the audio to your computer.

  • Jim Roussin – Executive Director of Generative Learning based in Minneapolis and a National trainer for Strategic change, cognitive coaching and adaptive schools.  Coauthor of Guiding Professional Learning Communities and the new  book Implementing Change Through Learning. 13 minutes. Download the audio.
  • Camilla Lopez and Kevin Lohela – Lopez, Principal of Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary School and Lohela, Academic Dean of Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary. 18 minutes. Download the audio.
  • John Barrell – Professor Emeritus at Montclair St and expert in developing curiosity and problem solving in schools.  Latest book is Did You Ever Wonder: Fostering Curiosity Here, There and Everywhere. 20 minutes. Download the audio.
  • Dr. Adams, interviewed by Zara Larsen on her Architects of Change Series, speaks about education and Teaching that Changes Lives. 20 minutes. Download the audio.
  • Dr. Adams speaks about Change Your Questions, Teaching that Changes Lives, and Learner/Judger and Question Thinking in daily life in this interview for the Stepping Stones program on WDVR. 1 hour. Download the audio.

More audios of educators to come.

3. Learning and Reflection Exercise

This practical set of questions guides you to applying the Learner mindset concepts in your own life, both professionally and personally. Click here to open the pdf. 

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