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Why do so many people find that although they have learned about the components that make an organization great – leadership, collaboration, change, innovation, culture, etc. – their knowledge isn’t leading to the results they desire?

Based on brain-based knowledge about the importance of questions in thinking and communication, QUESTION THINKING™ empowers you to close the gap between what you know needs to happen and HOW to make it happen. Intentional and sustainable change always begins with changes in thinking. Changes in thinking always begin with changes in questions. This is the “sweet spot” that QUESTION THINKING™ skills and tools provide.

The Inquiring Mindset in Action

Question Thinking Model

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  • Operate from an Inquiring Mindset – utilizing BOTH a highly developed Learner Mindset AND a Question Thinking orientation – because we can only ask the best questions from the right mindset
  • Put the Inquiring Mindset in action – applying practical tools and strategies to choose the Learner Mindset, collaborate successfully, and generate more intentional and useful questions to produce the best results – because all questions are not created equal

That’s what makes it so powerful – Great results really do begin with great questions!

Explore how QUESTION THINKING™ can help you meet and exceed your goals for yourself, your team, or your organization.

The Chief Question Officer® (CQO) Program

In today’s complex, fast-paced world, what’s needed is better thinking and more questions. The smartest, most innovative and productive organizations, and the most talented leaders and managers are successful not because they have quick answers but because they ask constructive questions of themselves and others. An inquiring workplace culture fosters the most innovations and breakthroughs. Learn more about how your company can benefit from a Chief Question Officer here and download an article here. Our Chief Question Officer Program® is designed to empower masterful, innovative and practical applications of QUESTION THINKING tools and strategies in the workplace. Click here to learn more about the Chief Question Officer® program.