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From online training, to live training workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and custom training for your organization, we have what you need to master Question Thinking™.

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The Choice Map™ Course

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Get Started On the Road to Learner Living

The Choice Map™ Course is your roadmap to creating a foundational awareness of your mindsets and the different kinds of questions you ask yourself. The course material helps you discover what you need to live predominantly on the Learner mindset path, which is what we call Learner Living™.

If you’ve read my book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, and you are curious about how you can use The Choice Map™ in your daily life, The Choice Map™ Course is the place to start. If you’ve worked with me in the past, The Choice Map™ Course will reinforce and remind you of the practices of using this tool.

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Seven Days To Learner Living Course

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Cultivate the Daily Habits of Learner Living in Seven Days

It takes practice to form habits of Learner Living. The Seven Days to Learner Living Course helps you to create the daily habits of Learner Living as you live mindfully and learn the moment-by-moment choice of Learner Mindset. The course takes each day of the week to focus on specific practice exercises to build the Learner habit accompanied by a video tutorial by Dr. Marilee Adams.

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Get Trained in Question Thinking

Q-Work™ Foundation Workshop

Discover How Questions Can Transform Your Life

This live, virtual workshop will introduce you to the power of Question Thinking™. The Q-Work™ Foundation Workshop covers the core skills, practices, and tools you need to become more resilient and get better results in your life. You will learn to ask better questions of yourself and others, expand your problem-solving and decision-making expertise, cultivate your mindset awareness, and apply what you are learning. 

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Q-Work™ Practice & Application Workshop

Learn and Build Habits of Question Thinking

If you are seeking to deepen your practice of Question Thinking™ so that you can incorporate it in your life and work, the Q-Work™ Practice and Application Workshop will help you to build your Learner habits and muscles and the ability to use questions to think, behave, and communicate to get the results you want. Using the Choice Map™ you will work with your Learner and Judger mindsets and cultivate your ability to intentionally Switch to Learner when you become aware you are in Judger. This live, virtual workshop also includes additional tools, practice, and application with skilled feedback from your instructors.

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Q-Storming® Workshop

Teach Your Organization to "Think Outside the Box."

Are you using brainstorming to solve problems? While brainstorming is a search for answers, Q-Storming® is a search for the best questions. Q-Storming® is based on the premise that “every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen.” It is a method for discovering those questions to make breakthrough differences in decision-making, problem-solving, strategic planning, innovation, operational excellence, and culture.  In this live, virtual workshop, you will learn how to implement this collaborative and creative thinking method that catalyzes the discovery of new questions, possibilities, and solutions. 

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Question Thinking Authorization

Get Authorized in Question Thinking

Chief Question Officer® Certificate Program

Master Question Thinking™ to Grow Your Impact

If you want to master your ability to influence and impact the behavior of other people in your life, your journey begins with your own relationship with questions. Whether you are a leader, coach, or consultant that wants to internalize, embody, and bring the Q-Work™ Approach to your organization, the Chief Question Officer® Certificate Program is a transformational learning journey over six months that certifies you to become a subject matter expert in the Q-Work™ Approach. By enrolling in this immersive journey, you will embody Question Thinking™  and Learner/Judger Mindsets, and then you will be able to deliver this to your organization and/or use it in your coaching practice in a systematic, empathetic, and highly effective way.

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Question Thinking™ Coach Training

Become a Question Thinking™ Trained Coach

Are you a coach interested in adding Question Thinking™ to your training while also earning International Coach Federation (ICF) credits? 

The Inquiry Institute has partnered with the Institute for Life Coach Training to offer an accredited coach training program through a 10-hour interactive webinar series focused on practical new thinking and skill-building around questioning and mindset management. It is presented through models, stories and examples, exercises, journaling, learning partners, reading, and practice assignments. 

The Question Thinking™ material is foundational for any coaching application (life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching). It aligns with and supports emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Marilee’s bestselling book Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching and Life is required or recommended by many coach training schools.

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Organizational Change

Bring The Inquiry Institute To Your Organization

Executive Coaching

Ask Better Questions To Become a Better Leader

Are you seeking to improve your leadership skills? You may have advanced to a new role, taken on additional responsibilities within your team, or hit a roadblock in your organization. Moving beyond your limitations to create exponential results may require a 1:1 coaching relationship to help you to remove your barriers to growth and development. Using the Q-Work Approach™, leaders learn that great results depend on the quality of the questions they ask and the mindset they are asking and listening from.

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Organization Consulting


Embed Question Thinking™ in Your Team Culture

Do you want the kind of organizational culture and results that become possible when people have positive attitudes, ask many productive questions, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively? Your organization's ability to thrive and reach its goals depends on developing a culture where people feel secure enough to ask questions and participate fully in moving towards your goals. The Q-Work Approach™ is customizable to address your challenges and meet your specific needs. 

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Team Training


Help Your Team Learn the Power of Questions

Teams help provide the building blocks for success in your organization. If the blocks are scattered, breakdowns will occur. The Inquiry Institute has helped many organizations by first aligning with leaders of teams that need a new perspective. Our goal is to work with your team members to discover where they are now and where the organization needs them to be. After our onboarding process, we will create and deliver a customized program to help your team embody new approaches to old ways of thinking.

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Keynote Speaking

Marilee Speaking

Change Your Questions, Change Your Organization

Dr. Marilee Adams, known as the originator of Question Thinking™ and for her International bestseller, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, is sought after to speak to associations, conferences, groups, and organizations to inspire curiosity, possibility, and Question Thinking™ for attendees. She has keynoted for Johnson & Johnson, Lowes, DuPont, NASA, Christus Health, Harvard University, National Defense University, DHL, Society of Human Resource Management, and Columbia University.

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Inquiry Institute


Carmella Granado Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Flextronics
We’ve used Question Thinking so successfully in our work with teams that it has led to a radical transformation in how people approach and resolve problems. It also made an immediate and sustained change in their behavior. In an organizational culture, the more people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line.
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews Senior Director, Expedia and Chief Question Officer
"Question Thinking and Q-Work has transformed my life - The relationship with my wife, my family as well how I lead and influence teams. The impact of that is that my teams positively influence their families also with a Learner mindset and so piece by piece we are building a more positive, Learner world. It has also enabled me to build stronger trust with my teams which, as we know, is a key foundation for organization success. .
Laura Mendelow Learning & Development Specialist
One of the most valuable contributions I’ve made to the leaders in my organization is to help them recognize the difference and impact between directing and inquiring. Leaders report positive results, including that their employees are more committed, are offering more suggestions, and are ‘driving their own careers.” These leaders also report a stronger connection with their staff overall

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