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CYQ Endorsements

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, second edition

“Dr. Marilee Adams is the thought leader who introduced Question Thinking™. I find her groundbreaking work inspired and transformational. Also, my students consistently find that it unleashes the true potential of Action Learning, bringing results that would otherwise not be possible.”

John Czajkowski, School of Public Affairs, American University

“Marilee Adams’s insightful and user-friendly book expands on the power of her Question Thinking™ technology to enable people to quickly get to the core of issues. We urgently need this kind of precision of thought and inquiry and fresh approaches to a “transpartisan” perspective for dealing with the complex problems of our world. I strongly recommend her unique and powerful work.”
Don Edward Beck, Ph.D. Coauthor, Spiral Dynamics

“Marilee’s Question Thinking™ work shows us how to use questions to illuminate choices and help us understand how to manage our work and private lives in the most positive and productive ways. She’s also a terrific presenter.”
Liz Barron, Director, Executive Leadership Programs, the Brookings Institution

“We’ve used Question Thinking™ so successfully in our simulations that it led to a radical transformation in how people approach problems. It also made an immediate and sustained change in their behavior. In an organizational culture, the more people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line.”
Carmella Granado, Sr. Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Flextronics

“Well done, Dr. Adams. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is the rare book that I use almost every day. I asked Learner questions to quickly transform a delicate organizational situation that had seemed intractable for a whole year. Your Question Thinking™ work changes paradigms, organizations, and lives. It’s a classic!”
Rev. Dr. John McAuley, President and CEO, Muskoka Woods

“It was through the use of Dr. Adams’s Question Thinking™ tools that I was able to successfully help people reach a meaningful resolution on a highly controversial project. Shifting people from a Judger mentality to a solution-oriented one moved them out of their adversarial roles to co-creating a shared community.”
Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie, MS, Adjunct Professor, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason U

“Question Thinking™ offers patients, families, and clinicians a new paradigm for patient and relationship centered care. The simple, yet profound framework of questions has the potential to contribute, at every level, to the transformation of heath care.”
Cynda Hylton Rushton PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor, Nursing and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University, Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow

“The response to Change Your Questions, Change Your Life has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve shared the book across our leadership teams and we’re seeing how it’s shifting conversations and having a powerful impact for ourselves and our leaders.”
Marnie Escaf, Vice President and Site Lead and Petrina McGrath, Director of Nursing, Toronto General Hospital

“This book may cause organizational leaders to take another look at their lists of competencies. If Question Thinking™ isn’t already there, it may be time to go back to the drawing board. Marilee demonstrates why this capacity is absolutely essential to organizational success and how easily it can be acquired.”
Beverly Kaye, Ph.D., coauthor of Love ’Em or Lose ‘Em and Love It, Don’t Leave It

“This is a must read for any leader who wants to produce powerful results. The tools presented are straightforward yet extremely effective in helping the reader learn to ask empowering questions– those that inspire, motivate, and produce positive change. This book demonstrates that Question Thinking™ can truly change your personal and professional life.”
Tara Gomez, Manager of Employee Development, Strategic Learning Services, United States Postal Inspection Service & Office Inspector General

“I read this book cover to cover twice. I had valuable insights each time! I also think it would be exceedingly smart for politicians and diplomats to use Dr. Adams’ questioning methodologies. It could make our world a safer place.”
David Pensak, Ph.D., Author: Innovation for Underdogs

“The ideas in Change Your Questions, Change Your Life have had a profound impact on me and my business. Few books offer such potential to change everything in your work and life. Read this book to revolutionize your thinking, solutions, and results with the power of Question Thinking™.”
Larina Kase, PsyD., MBA. Author of The Confident Leader and coauthor The New York Times bestseller The Confident Speaker

“Marilee’s writings are by far the most profound articulation of the power of the question that I’ve come across. It’s true: we live in worlds our questions create.”
David Cooperrider, Ph.D. Professor, Case Western Reserve, Weatherhead School of Management

“A must-read for every coach! Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is both practical and transformational. It illuminates a deep truth—that the questions we ask ourselves shape our chances for success and satisfaction everywhere in our lives.”
Linda J. Page, Ph.D., Founder and President, Adler International Learning, Co-author, Coaching with the Brain in Mind

“Highly engaging. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life shows not only how Question Thinking can create more productive and humane workplaces, but also gives readers an exciting new approach for becoming happier and more effective in every area of their lives.”
Cary Cherniss, Ph.D. Co-editor (with Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.) The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace