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Q-Storming® is based on the premise that “every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen.” It is a method for discovering those questions to make breakthrough differences in decision-making, problem-solving, strategic planning, innovation, operational excellence, and culture.  It is akin to brainstorming, yet is often more powerful in that it instills the mindset of holding oneself and other accountable for embedding this decision making process in the culture of the organization.

Typically, questions open thinking, while answers often close down thinking. Q-Storming® is a tool for moving beyond limitations in perception and thinking and advancing to novel and extraordinary solutions and answers.  It focuses on:

  • getting clear about all the questions that need to be raised and answered to form an impactful goal
  • eliciting, discovering, and developing new questions to reach that goal
  • converting these new questions into actionable items

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